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Health and safety Policy

As the Managing Director of Jeakins Weir Ltd it is my responsibility to ensure that the Company complies with the Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and all subsequent legislation, and so far as is reasonably practicable, to ensure the Health, Safety and Welfare of all persons engaged in or near the Company’s working operations, this includes employees, sub-contractors and the general public. 

Good safety is good business and by having a positive safety culture within the working environment it will contribute to the continued success and sustainability of the Company within a highly competitive market. 

Our health and safety aims for the organisation are: 

  • To achieve high standards of health and safety by establishing procedures and working practices, together with a commitment to comply with health and safety regulations, statutory requirements and requirements of method statements, and to ensure that arrangements are effectively implemented by the proper allocation of resources. 
  • To promote a positive health and safety culture with a commitment to continual improvement of health and safety systems which protect the welfare of employees and any others affected by the activities of the organisation, including the prevention of injury or ill health. 
  • To ensure that employees receive adequate supervision, instruction, information and training in the safety aspects of their work. 
  • To make available all necessary safety and protective equipment. 
  • To ensure that all employees are aware of their responsibilities under this policy and that consultation between all parties is effective. 
  • To eliminate hazards and reduce OH&S risk, wherever it is possible to do so. 
  • To comply fully with the requirements of ISO 450012018. 

To assist me in meeting my H & S responsibilities I have allocated H & S duties to designated personnel within the Company structure. All management within the Company have already got general H & S responsibilities under the HASAW Act, and as part of the Company they are expected to discharge these duties and demonstrate their commitment to H & S as part of their normal day-to-day operations, as well as those additional duties required by the Company. 

I the undersigned am the Director responsible for ensuring that adequate systems and procedures are in place for health and safety throughout the company and have appointed Russell Cory as the Health and Safety Manager. 

The Safety Management Systems within the Company will only be effective if followed by all personnel. These systems are to be complied with and any problems encountered are to be brought to the attention of the appropriate line manager. 

All significant risks to personnel will be assessed and appropriate measures to control the risks will be developed. Safe Working practices and procedures shall be monitored continuously to encourage safe working throughout all work operations. 

Adequate training shall be put into effect as required to ensure that all employees fully understand the requirements necessary to carry out their specific duties in a safe and efficient manner. Assessment of each work operation shall define the control measures necessary for each employee’s duties. 

Effective consultation between management and employees is to be actively encouraged with regard to matters of the Health, Safety and Well-being of all employees. The Company recognises that a key measure towards safe-working practices is effective communication. 

The requirements necessary for the adequate supply of Personal Protective Equipment shall be reviewed on a regular basis. 

An appropriate amount of finance shall be allocated to each contract to meet the specific requirements for Safe Working. 

As a Company we have an excellent record of Safe Working due, in the main, to good working relationships between management and employees. This relationship did not occur naturally, a lot of work has gone into the building of the relationship, which, like Safe Working, must be nurtured continuously. Therefore, Jeakins Weir Ltd will continue to encourage safe working practices and procedures throughout to achieve the aim of keeping all employees free from incident and injury while working. 

The Safety Management Systems developed within the Company will ensure the health, safety and welfare of those affected by the work activities of Jeakins Weir Ltd, in particular, there will be provided for every employee of the Company: 

  • a safe system of work appropriate to the risks faced 
  • safe plant, machinery, equipment & tools 
  • a safe and healthy place of work, with suitable welfare arrangements 
  • safe arrangements for the use of handling, storage, and transport of articles and substances 
  • adequate safety training and instruction 
  • safe access and egress from working areas 
  • protective clothing and safety equipment to conform to statutory requirements 
  • specialist training given where appropriate 
  • appropriate first aid facilities 
  • adequate safety inspections 
  • adequate accident investigation, recording and reporting systems 
  • adequate procedures for use in emergency situations, fire, explosion etc. 

Safety is taken seriously by the Company, and as such, consistent failings by any personnel engaged in Jeakins Weir's work activities in ensuring a safe and healthy work environment or non-compliance with agreed procedures will, therefore, be subject to the normal disciplinary procedures which the Company has developed.  Poor safety performance will not be tolerated. 

Employees are reminded that they have a responsibility to co-operate and comply with health and safe procedures in order to take reasonable care of themselves and others within a safe working environment. This includes reporting accidents, dangerous occurrences, or other health and safety problems to their supervisor and cooperating with investigations. 

This statement represents our commitment on behalf of the company and sets the framework for meeting our health and safety programs and objectives. This policy is reviewed annually and is available on request to all interested parties. 

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