Equality & Diversity

Equality and Diversity Policy


Jeakins Weir is committed to developing an organisational culture involving all sections of the community and acknowledging the contribution each individual can make to our work.  The aim of this policy is to provide a framework for continuous improvement in order to meet this commitment and the statutory and moral obligations.  The policy will be supported by an Action Plan.  

Policy Statement 

Jeakins Weir has a responsibility to ensure that equality of opportunity and effective management of diversity are at the core of its business and generate targets to deliver services that are both responsive to the needs of communities and individuals and promote social inclusion.  We are committed to taking positive steps to ensure that equality of opportunity and effective management of diversity are reflected in all of our activities by: 

  • Developing services that achieve equality and diversity in all areas 
  • Having a diverse workforce that reflects the local population 
  • Understanding how valuing diversity can improve our ability to deliver better services   and reduce disadvantage 
  • Actively consulting with all our customers and partners in order to achieve our targets 
  • Actively consulting with different individuals, communities and partners to ensure our services are responsive and reflect the diversity of need 
  • Listening to our customers and involving them in the development of services that recognise and value diversity 
  • Providing comprehensive support to victims of racial harassment and other forms of discrimination and working with other agencies to deal with the perpetrators of harassment 
  • Providing all employees with the training and development they need to enable them to achieve organisational targets 
  • Providing an open, supportive environment where all employees have the opportunity to reach their full potential. 


Jeakins Weir aims to follow the principles set out in the Race Equality Code of Practice for Housing Associations. 

Other Related Policies 

Jeakins Weir aims to reflect its policy on Equality and Diversity throughout all its policies and procedures and specifically through Best Value reviews.  The following policies are those most closely related: 

Behaviours Policy 

Conflicts of interest Policy 

Customer Engagement Policy 

Equal Opportunities Policy 

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Terms and Conditions of Employment 

Training Skills and Update Policy 


Scope of Policy 

Jeakins Weir will apply this policy in carrying out is corporate and statutory responsibilities. We will specifically set objectives in the following areas of our activities: 


  • Governance 
  • Employment and training 
  • Disability 
  • Community development 
  • Provision of housing services 
  • Employment of contractors, consultants and suppliers 
  • Development 
  • Dealing with harassment 
  • Communication and information 
  • Best Value review programme 
  • Service delivery 


We recognise that certain groups in society experience discrimination and disadvantage and we aim to combat less favourable treatment, prejudice and discrimination, based on the following grounds: 

  • Race, colour, ethnic origin or nationality 
  • Gender 
  • Disability, whether mental or physical 
  • Religion and other beliefs 
  • Marital, civil partnership or family status 
  • Sexuality or sexual preference 
  • Age, physical appearance or other characteristic 
  • Illness such as HIV and Aids 


We recognise that this list is not exhaustive and it will be regularly reviewed. 

Policy Objectives 


Jeakins Weir is committed to ensuring:

  • That existing members of staff, job applicants, or workers are treated fairly in an environment which is free from any form of discrimination 
  • With regard to nine of the protected characteristics as outlined by the Equality Act 2010 which are: 

gender reassignment 
marriage and civil partnership 
pregnancy and maternity 
race (includes colour, nationality and ethnic origins) 
religion and or belief 
sexual orientation 

In addition, existing members of staff, job applicants, or workers are treated fairly in an environment which is free from any form of discrimination with regard to: caring responsibilities, part-time employment, membership or non-membership of a trade union or spent convictions. 

  • All employment-related policies, practices and procedures are applied impartially and objectively 
  • Equality of opportunity to all and to provide staff with the opportunity to develop and realise their full potential 
  • That Jeakins Weir works towards achieving a diverse workforce at all levels 
  • Those employees can work in an atmosphere of dignity and respect 

Jeakins Weir is committed to a programme of continuous improvement which will embrace the promotion of equality and diversity throughout the delivery of our services. The Equality Act 2010 is at the heart of this policy where we aim to achieve specific objectives in the following areas: 


  • We aim to achieve representation from a full cross-section of the community. 
  • Recruitment to our governance structures is fair and transparent and we regularly review membership and seek ways to improve under-representation, based upon local census data. 
  • We are committed to lead by example to promote equality and diversity. 
  • We aim to work with BME communities and through its activities increase confidence among BME communities that promote racial equality and embraces diversity. 
  • All employees will have full access to training and support to enable them to fulfil their responsibilities. 

Employment and Training 

  • Jeakins Weir aims to achieve an organisational culture that values people from all sections of society and has a workforce which reflects the local population and the communities with which we work in all departments and at all levels in the Company. 
  • We regularly review and report on all our recruitment, selection, training, development and appraisal and other employment policies and procedures and ensure that they are fair and reflect current best practice. 
  • We require our staff to have appropriate training before taking part in recruitment and selection. 
  • We maintain appropriate records in recruitment, training and employment, including disciplinary and grievance procedures, and report on and use this information as a means of identifying areas of inequality. 
  • We will develop vigorous harassment, bullying and dignity at work processes, and aim to achieve a working environment where individuals can feel confident enough to bring complaints without fearing prejudice. 
  • We assist all our staff to realise their full potential by ensuring that they receive fair consideration of their training and career development needs and opportunities. 
  • Wherever possible, we modify employment practices and procedures to reduce barriers experienced by members of disadvantaged groups in seeking, and during employment. 
  • We will carry out a DBS) checks on staff who have dealings with vulnerable customers. 


  • Jeakins Weir recognises its responsibilities under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995, EU directives and other legislation, and follows the codes of good practice for employment, premises and services. 
  • We regularly audit our premises, services and processes to make sure DDA requirements are met. 
  • We train managers and staff in awareness and confidence to support people with a disability where needed. 
  • We will continue to employ, where practicable, employees who become disabled during their employment and assist in their re-training. 
  • We guarantee people with a disability an interview for any employment vacancy for which they meet the minimum essential criteria. 
  • We provide systems which seek to maximise access to employment by people with a disability. 

Community Development 

  • Jeakins Weir will encourage Residents Groups to include a commitment to the principles of equality and diversity in their constitutions. 

Employment of Consultants and Suppliers 

  • Jeakins Weir promotes its Equality and Diversity Policy to all consultants and suppliers, and includes a copy of the policy with tender information and contracts for work, services or supplies undertaken for us by external organisations or individuals. 
  • We encourage consultants and suppliers working for us to have in place an equality and diversity policy for service delivery and employment practices. 

Responsibility for Implementation 

The Company has overall responsibility for the delivery of the Equality and Diversity Policy and: 

  • Reviews the policy annually 
  • Ensures an Action Plan is in place to implement the policy effectively 
  • Ensures staff have the necessary resources and skills for effective implementation 
  • Monitors the effectiveness of the policy against agreed targets 
  • Ensures that recruitment of staff is fair and transparent, and conforms to established equality principles including that of positive action where there is under-representation 

The Company Executives have responsibility for implementing the policy and: 

  • Make recommendations for the annual review of the policy and action plan 
  • Put procedures in place to ensure that the policy is implemented and monitored effectively 
  • Provide equality and diversity training in line with the policy 

Staff have an individual responsibility for implementing the policy and to ensure that they: 

  • Are clear about the policy and its implementation 
  • Know and understand precisely what they are required to do 
  • Receive the appropriate training to enable them to implement the policy effectively 
  • Are aware of the consequences of failing to adhere to the policy 

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