Environment & Sustainability

Environment & Sustainability

Jeakins Weir Ltd recognises the environmental impact from its business activities, and is committed to adopting and implementing its Environmental Policy.

The company and its employees will endeavour to: eliminate or minimise environmental pollution caused by its operations and its products throughout their life cycle; reduce the creation of waste and dispose of such waste safely and responsibly; reduce the consumption of natural resources and energy.

To achieve these principles the company:

  • Applies the most economically viable application of best available technology.
  • Educates and motivates all employees to conduct their activities in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Assesses the environmental implications of new contracts, processes, capital projects, acquisitions and diversities prior to implementation.
  • Continuously improves in all areas of environmental protection, setting goals and establishing methods of measuring progress.
  • Monitors and implements legislation, regulations, standards and technology relevant to its activities and their environmental impact.
  • Communicates to its customers, suppliers and other interested parties its intentions and encourage them to adopt where appropriate similar environmental policies and principles.
  • Audits appropriately, all operations and practices for compliance with the spirit as well as the substance of all applicable laws, regulations, and internal requirements, including these principles and practices.
    Complies with the requirements and principles of ISO14001: 2004.

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