Community & CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility

Jeakins Weir understands the impact that business activities have on society as a whole, and responding accordingly, is central to the way Jeakins Weir conducts itself. We strive to respond to the needs and opinions of our customers, employees, suppliers, partners and wider stakeholder groups to emerging changes in society, lifestyle and government. 

Environmental Awareness 

We are conscious of our impact on the environment both from an internal perspective on the way we conduct our business and from and external perspective in the systems we are providing for our customers and partners. 

With UK government policy promoting a greener environment, we have introduced – and continue to develop – energy saving systems that reduce our carbon footprint. Our systems are focused on two areas: 

  • The introduction of energy efficient work planning, using fuel efficient vehicles and light weight internal racking with carefully considered van stock. 
  • Encouraging staff and operatives to work in an environmentally friendly manner, through training and promotion of eco-friendly initiatives. 

We are also compliant with the recycling of waste materials and seek to drive our internal business to a more paperless and efficient operation, using technology to effect efficient communications and processes. 


Our people are the key to our success moving forward. We seek to provide a working environment which encourages success and motivation. We encourage the personal and professional development of our staff in an environment of equal opportunities and rewards.  
Jeakins Weir encourages its personnel to adopt a healthy work- lifestyle balance to promote all round wellbeing and productivity. 

We also encourage our workforce to support the local community through undertaking voluntary work. To this end, we donate operational time and materials to such schemes. 

We are a friendly company with excellent working conditions for our operatives and this is reflected in the very low turnover of staff within Jeakins Weir.

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